Peter Castellana Corp: A Trustworthy Real Estate Investment Firm

Almost every person wants to get into the world of real estate investment industry but only some had a bountiful success because they have prepared for the unexpected things. Planning is one of the most important things that both the experienced and new real estate investor must do to win or succeed in the real estate investing game, and that is what we highly prioritize here at Peter Castellana Corp. We are a one-stop real estate investment firm for clients who are dreaming or wanting to create a long term wealth by effectively leveraging the many real estate opportunities today. Through the years, it was found that most firms out there teach clients only on how to invest in bank-owned properties, foreclosures and other possible investment listings and then just try their pure luck. Unfortunately an estimated percent of less than 5% invest in just a single property and their coveted dreams of earning a passive income streams never happen.

Here at Peter Castellana Corp, we take a very different yet effective approach. We invest as well as operate a diverse portfolio of properties and we are currently engaged in an integrated expansion strategy. This strategy involves seeking possible investment opportunities in retail, hospitality, flex/industrial, office and multifamily product types all throughout the target markets. Our real estate investment focuses primarily on core plus, opportunistic and value-added investments. Our long-term investment philosophy is centered on mainly on improving the performance and quality of the properties to effectively achieve its optimum value.

We are one of the leading real estate investment firms that are focused primarily on repositioning and acquiring superior urban retails as well as mixed-use assets in different dynamic markets. We target income-producing as well value-add real estate opportunities in all interesting and evolving neighborhoods. With us, it is guaranteed that the firm will employ a disciplined and focused approach to all of its investments. This particular asset class truly offers a risk-adjusted returns, with the supply and demand characteristics of the urban retail.

When it comes to disciplined investing, integrity, and value creation, Peter Castellana Corp will always be included in the top list. Our real estate investment firm’s approach is nimble, entrepreneurial and especially designed to seize all possible real estate investment opportunities quickly. With a combined strong liquidity, broad real estate industry expertise and streamlined and critical decision-making, it is guaranteed that Peter Castellana Corp is properly equipped with all that it takes to capitalize on the changing dynamics efficiently right within the capital and real estate markets to successfully achieve a superior and risk-adjusted returns. Through the years since we first operated, Peter Castellana Corp has successfully grown its portfolio and has already acquired an asset at a time. The secret behind this particular real estate investment firm’s success lies behind our company’s strategy. In addition to that effective company strategy, we couple it also with our creative, entrepreneurial approach plus our exceptional capital markets expertise and integrated operating platform which has resulted in a high gross IRR and equity multiple across all of the investments in our firm’s portfolio.

Peter Castellana Corp is properly structured so we take pride to say that we can close any possible transactions quickly and effortlessly, typically on an “all-cash” basis. Our real estate investment firm was founded with the vision and mission of bringing altogether a collaborative and expert team of well-experienced real estate professionals that are dedicated to the successful execution of a highly opportunistic investment strategy. It is our real estate firm’s vision to make our organization a success with the following 4 principal tenets:,

• A team of expert professionals that has a differentiated experiences which makes it possible to bring the highest and most effective caliber skills to every single investment

• A fir focus right on the profitable results in direct alignment with the investors and not aggregating assets

• Peter Castellana Corp driving every step of a certain investment’s cycle from its origination through the asset management down to disposition.

• An effective portfolio wherein each investment is important or significant enough to have an impact to the overall portfolio performance

Peter Castellana Corp: Our Asset Management

We take pride on the exceptional ability of our asset management team here at Peter Castellana Corp when it comes to devising and executing value-enhancing strategies that significantly contributes to our firm’s overall aptitude for getting successful investments. Our real estate investment firm also builds equity value while successfully growing the cash flow because we focus also in creating value through adaptive reuse, revenue generation, operating expense, capital market efficiencies, asset repositioning and redevelopment.

When it comes to accounting and reporting, we take pride to say also that our expert accounting team also provides audit monitoring, asset level, tax structuring, joint-venturing, financial reporting and tax structuring services for the whole firm as well as on its investment partners. With an extensive experience and background concerning the real estate industry, all of our professionals here at Peter Castellana Corp can successfully mitigate both administrative investment and financial risks while, at the same time, providing an efficient and effective management execution.

When it comes to effective property, leasing and construction management, our real estate investment firm will not be also left behind by other out there because our considerable leasing transaction skills and experience, along with our contacts, have successfully lead to the security of numerous credits as well as compelling retail leases. We take pride on our team’s great in-house property as well as construction management skills/ capabilities that allow for an effective and direct investment oversight right from the hands-on ownership as well as an increased tenant interaction which further solidifies our real estate investment firm’s relationships and good standing within this particular industry. in addition to that, our highly competent acquisition team here at Peter Castellana Corp can effectively identify well-located as well as exceptional assets with great opportunities to improve market positioning, leasing, capital structuring and physical layout.