Compelling real estate in sought after locations. In order to ensure that our portofolio is extremely diverse we have properties in covering all classifications.

Core Properties

We invest in good properties in locations, with long term tenants. Our profits from our core properties is lower than our other investment properties, but offer less risk and a chance to slowly build financial wealth over time. Our core properties are the basics of our portfolio and allows us to invest in more lucrative, but higher risk properties. While the financial gains on these types of properties are slow, they are steady and add to the overall financial benefits of our company.

Value Ad Properties

We also invest in a number of Value Ad Properties. We choose distressed properties in good locations and then improve them so that the financial gain from these profits raise the value considerably. While there is some risk in purchasing properties that need further investments to make them financially feasible, the risk is small to compared to the potential rewards of these properties and we are careful to select just the right value ad properties to increase the worth of our overall portofolio. We carefully chose our Value Ad properties so that the risk is quite limited and the financial rewards are higher than our core property investments.

Opportunistic Properties

We also invest in some opportunistic properties. While these types of properties are a higher risk since they have no set buyer or tenants, they also offer the biggest opportunity for financial gain. The key is to balance our opportunistic properties with our core and Value added properties in order to lower the overall risk of our investments while capitalizing on ability to make a healthy profit. We carefully choose our opportunistic properties to blend well with our core and value ad properties to make for complete portofolio without undue risk to our investors.

Our Property Selection Process

Here at Castellana Inc. we don't just buy any property that is up for sale. We do our homework and learn all we can about the property we are considering and the area in which the property is located. We then carefully consider how the property under consideration fits with the rest of our investments and whether or not it will add value to our investment portofolio. We look for properties in well established and upcoming neighborhoods where property values are stable and strong or likely to increase over time. While we do take risks from time to time, each risk we take are carefully considered and we never risk more than we can afford to risk and still make a profit. While property investment is more risky today than it once was, the professionals at Castellana Inc. know how to balance the risk through research and sound financial sense so that our real estate investment company can remain financially successful today and in the future.