Like all good Real Estate investment companies, here at Castellana Inc. we depend on tried and true investment strategies in order to make a profit from our investments. Some of our investment strategies are long term strategies,which can keep us earning income from a single property well into the future. Other strategies are more short term, allowing us to make to a faster profit without substantially increasing our risk.

Our Long Term Investment Strategy

Our long term investment strategy is simple. We invest in buy and hold properties that we feel are guaranteed to continue to earn and give us a small continual return on our initial investment. Most of our buy and hold properties are rental properties are in good locations where long term responsible tenants are the rule rather than the exception.

We invest purchase properties in locations where rental properties are in high demand and where we are reasonably sure that we will have long term tenants who will care for the property. By purchasing these core properties, the rent we collect at first returns the money from our initial investment and once that investment is return will then continue to earn the company a profit year after year.

When choosing property to buy and hold, we like to choose property that is either can be rented as is, or needs a little work in order to increase the income that can be earned from the property.

Our Short Term Investment Strategy

Along with our core investment properties that we keep long term and continues to earn income year after year, we also increase our ability to make profits by employing a more short term investment strategy known as house or property flipping. In this strategy, we look for properties, normally residential properties, in stable or up and coming neighborhoods that are being sold at discount, make any necessary repairs and improvements and then sell them for a quick profit.

While our short term investment strategy involves more risk that our long term investment strategy, it can also lead to larger and faster profits.

When looking for those short term profits, we exercise due diligence and learn all we can about the neighborhood and the value of the properties in that neighborhood. We also look for properties that sell for a big discount, and can be sold for a large profit with a limited amount of additional investment in improvements. By combining both a long term and short term investment strategy, we can reduce the overall risk while increasing profits for our company and it's investors. It is a delicate balance and the skilled professionals here at Castellana Inc. are dedicate to making sure that each investment is one that is truly essential to moving our company forward and making a profit for everyone involved.

By combining our short term and long term investment strategies we are able to diversify our investment and provide a sound portfolio of real estate investments to meet our long term goals of financial wealth.