In order to build the very best investment company possible, we here at Castellana Inc. adhere to some very strict investment principles that help us to make our company successful. These principles include:

A Team We Can Trust

For starters here at Castellana Inc. we have built a team we can trust. Our team is made up of knowledgeable real estate exerts, a loan officer, tax advisor, lawyer and contractors and other professionals that all are experts in their jobs and all work together to help us build the best real estate investment company possible.

We Have Well Established Set Goals

Right from conception our real estate investment company had well established set short term and long term goals. These goals helped to set the direction and the growth of our company and continue to keep us on track and moving forward.

Always Do Your Due Diligence

Networking is a real assest in the real estate investment market, but no amount of networking will make up for doing your own due dilengence. While you want to deal with people you trust we also personally verify the information we receive in order to ensure that the property we are considering is worth the investment we make. By verifying all the information about any property we can rest assured that the property is exactly what we are looking for.

We Never Risk More Than We Can Afford

In every type of investment there are some inherent risks and the greater the risks the higher the potential for profit. However, because we are always we conscious that each investment we make affects the potential earnings of many other people so we make sure that we never take a greater risk than our investment company can logically afford. A great deal of thought goes into each higher risk property we consider to ensure that every risk we take is a completely thought out and calculate risk.

We Don't Put All Our Eggs in One Basket

When investing in real estate we have made sure not to put all of our eggs into one basket. Instead our investment portfolio includes some low profit, but secure pieces of real estate with real estate that is a bit more risky, but has a high potential for profit. By balancing properties that provide a steady stream of income with those profits that have higher profit potential we are able to insure that all of our investors make a profit without losing their shirt.

Location, Location, Location

In real estate investing location is everything, which is why we choose to invest in real estate that is either well established areas where the profits are good and stable as well as those up and coming areas where the potential for profit is greater than average. By carefully investing in the right locations we limit our risk while increasing our chances of larger potential profits.

To learn more about Castellana Inc. investments and the principles of real estate investment that have made us so successful why not contact us and learn how real estate investing can help you achieve those long term financial goals.